Thicker than Blood is a biopolitical live art evening and exhibition that explores the formation of systemtic hierarchy through the lens of the fetish. By placing the body as the site from which identity is institutionally recognised, artists Izdehar Afyouni and Raymond Jennings aim to raise to the level of public recognition the ways in which blood itself is used to justify the divisions and borders within our society.

Blood is a vessel through which distinctions are made, groups are devised, and ties thicker than blood itself are formed. We are not seen for what we are; we are seen for what our blood is worth.

Taking place at the Flying Dutchman in Camberwell on Tuesday 28th March, the event will feature live performances from Glitterasphyxia, a Shibari showcase and an exhibition entitled Face/Off featuring paintings by artists Sam Creasey and Victoria Suvoroff and DJ performances from DJ Miss Wanna, founder of livenowsleeplater.