Elena Ascione's reading of THICKER THAN BLOOD for Museum of Equality and Difference / by Izdehar Afyouni

What does resistance to biopower look like from a feminist artistic perspective? How can theory be grounded and practiced? Can participatory feminist art be an alternative to the dichotomy of theory vs practice❔MOED in conversation with Elena Ascione: “Thicker Than Blood: how participatory art can expose and subvert biopower.” Ascione addresses these pressing questions through her reading of “Thicker Than Blood”, a participatory concept piece by Izdihar Afyouni: “Thicker Than Blood looks at the manipulation of bodies as tools of structures of power. It re-enacts the workings of biopower by grounding its (abstract) pervasiveness to an art night, to an event that questions the separation between theory and practice and the interweaving of art and life.” -MOED