Thicker Than Blood reviewed by an interogattee / by Izdehar Afyouni


Pablo Pérez Castelló has reviewed the latest immersive artwork from Izdihar Afyouni, Thicker Than Blood

“As an audience member and inexplicable participant at Izdihar Afyouni’s immersive art exhibition Thicker Than Blood, and having been subjected to The Interrogation, this review focuses my an account of the influence that this kind of event has on a person – namely, to be exposed to the underlying oppressive practices in modern societies due to arbitrary factors that lead to power relation imbalances which can be used to marginalise (and ultimately punish) the least powerful. This review contains an autobiographical weight, since I was subjected to a mock interrogation procedure by the artist and her colleague, and so the narrative I will put forward here might be of value to understand Thicker Than Blood’s importance as a work that sought to denaturalise what is natural, and problematise what might, at first, seem unproblematic.”